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ARWA Shines In The "Lone Star" State

Everyone appreciates receiving a word of thanks on occasion for a job well done. The Alabama Rural Water Association staff and Board of Directors had their opportunity on September 27th during the National Rural Water Association Annual Tribute to Excellence Awards Ceremony held in Dallas, Texas in conjunction with the Associations 30th Annual Conference. With over 2,000 people in attendance representing water utilities and State Rural Water Associations throughout the Nation, the Alabama Rural Water Association was recognized for 2005 outstanding performance and excellence in member services for several award categories. 

A total of twelve awards were presented to deserving State Rural Water Associations from among their 48 State Affiliates by the National Rural Water Association. The "Alabama Rural Water Association Team" was called to the stage on six different occasions to receive recognitions. They displayed their "Team Philosophy" even as they accepted their awards. The ARWA Executive Director, Kathy Horne, proudly led the way on stage as members of her staff followed.

The ARWA Field Staff, their Executive Director, Kathy Horne, and Board Members in attendance
The ARWA Field Staff along with their Executive Director, Kathy Horne as well as Board Members in attendance accept the Association of The Year Honors at the 2006 NRWA Annual Conference. The ARWA Field Staff along with their Executive Director, Kathy Horne as well as Board Members in attendance accept the Association of The Year Honors at the 2006 NRWA Annual Conference.

Their honors included the following:

bullet Quality on Tap Award for Excellence in Public Relations
bullet Platinum Pump award for Excellence in State Legislation
bullet Platinum Pump Award for Excellence in Rural Water Emergency Response following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina's wrath
bullet Excellence in Member Services
bullet Excellence in Website Information
bullet And the most prestigious award of honor, the 2005 State Association of the Year Award.

The entire ARWA Staff proudly displays the awards.
The entire ARWA Staff proudly displays the awards listed above.

The National Rural Water Awards in Excellence Program was established to recognize the outstanding efforts of its 48 Member State Affiliates, their staff and other special members of the rural water industry.  An NRWA Awards Committee is designated the responsibility of regular review of State Association member services, legislative involvement, growth and leadership ability.  The National Rural Water Association is a non-profit federation of State Rural Water Associations.  Its mission: "To provide State Associations with support services to meet the needs of their membership."  NRWA is Americans largest utility Association with over 25,735 members.  Historically, NRWAs State Associations have trained over 55,000 water and wastewater system personnel each year for two decades.  They also provide over 100,000 on-site technical assistance visits with water and wastewater utility personnel each year.

The Alabama Rural Water Association Mission Statement: Dedicated to Improving the Quality of Life for Rural Alabamians


The Alabama Rural Water Association Staff strives every day to serve our members to the best of our ability. We take pride in a job well done and look forward to the days next challenge. We pride ourselves in professionalism, positive attitudes, and team work.

Professionalism, we believe appearance and actions are a direct influence upon how one is perceived, and we take it seriously at the ARWA. Appearance is important to us because we represent you; our utility and associate members. You are talented specialists who are professionals in your field, and we want to represent you with professionalism and respect.

"The mark of a true professional is giving more than you get".

Positive attitudes, the staff of the Alabama Rural Water Association is often referred to as a family, but without positive attitudes and team work our family would fall. Positive people are successful people, and positive employees make a strong association or business. Have a positive attitude and watch you and your affiliates prosper.

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill"

Team work, the Alabama Rural Water Association staff is a true testament to working as a team to achieve an overall goal. Within our staff we have individuals that specialize in many different fields. The combined experience of the ARWA Staff totals approximately 200 years, in water and wastewater related fields. We have wastewater, water, management, environmental, training, member services, administrative, and legislative specialists all working for the same goal,

"To make water and wastewater systems of Alabama viable and safe."

This same concept can apply on a state or local level. Together we can move mountains.

"Teamwork divides the task
and doubles the success."

From all of us at the Alabama Rural Water Association we thank the members of ARWA for being professionals in your field. You are truly an inspiration to us and what we do. We congratulate you on the awards listed above. They are truly as much yours as they are ours, and we hope you are as honored to receive them as we are. It was our pleasure to bring these awards home for you. Congratulations from all of us at the Alabama Rural Water Association!

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